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A Very Fine Art 

Making a custom cover or enclosure for a client is a very fine art. It's like tailor making a fine italian wool suit that looks great every time it's put on. Each boat is unique in its own way and every client wants their enclosure to express their dreams and visions of what an enclosure or cover should look like. A big task to say the least, but we embrace challenges and look forward to making every project and repair our own personal milestone as a company.  

The majority of our clients recognize the value of quality work and quality materials to protect and preserve the beauty of their vessel. A cover can save thousands of dollars in upholstery replacement and gelcoat refinishing. A solid enclosure can create a safe and pleasant place away from the elements and allow you to concentrate on the fun and enjoyment the ocean or lakes have to offer! Our goal is to enhance our clients boating experience whether making sure their boat stays perfectly clean and free of debris with a genuine Sunbrella custom cover, or allowing them to manuever through rough seas without any wind or sea elements affecting their journey. 

We are thankful for every client who entrusts their vessel and all their canvas and eisenglass needs with  We take every job very seriously, whether we are replacing a zipper or creating a full enclosure from scratch. We want our clients to know their project and satisfaction is our main and only concern. Our long list of satisfied customers is testament to the goal we always have in mind making our clients satisfied. We strive to provide the best and highest quality products and materials that can be found to provide a lifetime of memories and enjoyment from your vessel.