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Why Choose a Custom Cover?

As we continue to provide top quality canvas work for our surrounding boating community we continue to strive to provide innovative cover solutions for valued clients. We continue to maintain a strong refferal base due to our steadfast commitment to providing only the highest quality product possible to those who entrust their canvas work to The following are a few reasons why our customers continue to appreciate our dedication to strong craftmanship and quality Covers.

We Reinforce and Overbuild our Covers

When we decide to build a tow cover we want you to be able to tow from California to New York without ever looking back to see how your cover is doing. We accomplish this peace of mind for our client by REINFORCING ALL WEAR POINTS ALWAYS. What this means is that where your windshield, arm rails, cleats, nose of boat, sharp corner, ski pole, metal object, and any other rough point is fully reinforced not with cheap inferior fabric but with unbreakable weather ressistant 18oz poly coated vinyl so you can rest assured your cover will not rip or tear while underway on that long family trip to that favorite vacation spot.All wakeboard tower boats will have genuine cowhide binding around the tower poles so it will never rip at this pressure point on your vessel (SEE PIC).  Our competitors believe a windshield reinforcemnet is enough we feel if it could poke through your cover we refuse to take any chances with your precious vessel.

We Only Use Sunbrella Fabric Always

We choose to use only the finest canvas offered due to the fact we feel we make the finest covers available. Our Sunbrella Marine Canvas comes standard with a comprehensive TEN YEAR warranty so you can rest assured your canvas will take care of your vessel for years  to come. Please visit our Why Sunbrella Canvas for many reasons why only Sunbrella will do the job for your valued vessel or yacht.

Ratchets Make Your Life Easier at no extra cost!

We have found  that our clients do not like being knot experts to tie up their boat covers. We have revolutionized the ease of use in which our clients can tighten their covers by installing on all covers custom rope ratchets that work like a charm with no need for knot tying or chance of your cover coming loose while under use. (SEE PIC) All ratchets are provided at NO EXTRA COST with all towable cover orders! 


When we fabricate your cover we use the larger 1.5 inch trailer straps and buckles for a stronger connection holding your tow cover on the road or while in storage. Our competitors feel 1 inch straps are good enough and we know our straps are larger and our buckles are heavy duty marine grade for trouble free trailering or storage. We also heavily reinforce the base of our straps so you can pull with all your might and your strap will hold strong because it's built right the first time!

Support Pole Snap connections Installed on All Covers at no extra cost! 

We take your cover seriously and always install pole snap connections on forward and aft portions of your cover for future pole use AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.  If you decide you would like to use poles for tenting purposes we have them available in different lengths and widths for your convenience. 

It"s the Details that make the difference!

We make sure when we make a cover it has clean lines and flows with the lines of the boat. Many other canvas shops feel that covering a boat is good enough, we beg to differ. We feel a cover should be something your proud to put on and looks clean and tight fitting as well as protects your precious vessel. When we fabricate, we pull tight clean lines and also make sure its built strong and ready to withstand the elements